About Bell

Shanghai Bell Language School is a Sino-British co-operative English language school approved by China Education Ministry. The Bell Educational Trust, with its Headquarters in Cambridge, UK, has 54 years English teaching experience. It has been accredited as an EFL school by the UN and the British Council, the latter noting points of excellence in all of its UK schools. Bell is a founder member of EAQUALS, and it has 6 language centers in UK and more than 30 Bell-owned or co-operative enterprises all over the world. Shanghai Bell Language School (Shanghai Bell) is the first school set up in china by Bell Education Trust which consequently set up another two schools in Macau and Beijing.

Shanghai Bell Language School, covering an area of 24 mu with 4,200 square meters for training purpose, is located in the Jinqiao Development Zone of Pudong New Area, very close to the Pudong Avenue. The school is equipped with a wide range of teaching and learning facilities to standards prescribed by Bell International including a high standard teaching building, language laboratory, computer laboratory, reading room, library, Foreign Experts apartment block, student dormitories and canteen, etc. The arrangement in and around the teaching building creates a very good atmosphere for English studying.

Bell Shanghai runs a variety of programmes: IELTS, Oral English for Primary and Secondary school students, English for shipbuilding industry, English Teachers Training course, Business English, and college English. All the courses are designed by authorities on language education both from China and Bell International. The school is managed in accordance with Bell principles and procedures. The large majority of the teaching is conducted by native foreign teachers sent by Bell UK, with experienced Chinese teachers playing an important ancillary role. Each Bell group is small and student centered and the teaching is conducted individually. Bell teachers will design the personal learning and development plans and provide individual tutoring. Bell Shanghai is famous for its teaching modes which combine qualification and certificate together, hoping to help the students to get some certain certificate as well as improve their English competence.
Bell Shanghai emphasizes genuine communicative competence in all four skills (speaking, listening reading and writing) through all kinds of teaching methods (classroom teaching, speech, communication, games, TV and films watching, multi-media, surfing on the internet, travel and referring to different materials).Native speaking competence is our ultimate goal, and excellent teaching and living services which are provided are our quality promise. We also provide clear channels of information on study abroad for those students who require it.

With the development of economy all over the world, there is a pressing need for talented individuals with a high level of English language competence. The Bell Educational Trust has introduced the latest tried and tested teaching methodologies in every classroom, which are thoughtfully adapted to incorporate the best in Chinese language learning styles and tailored precisely to the individual requirements of our customers at Bell Shanghai.

We welcome you to study at Bell Shanghai: the ideal school for English language learning in China where we can truly receive the British high quality language education..

Shanghai Bell Language School
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